I’m Sarah Neumann, the founder of Daily Inspiration Community, a health and fitness blog, dedicated to inspiring women to get in their best shape ever physically by getting off the couch and joining a local gym.

For the last five years, I have worked in corporate America, and spent countless hours sitting while not allowing enough time for working out. So I decided to take action, and joined a local gym. After joining, I had an awesome personal trainer who showed me how to exercise the right ways, and I was immediately hooked on working out. The best part…I couldn’t believe how much more energetic and less stressed I felt after just a few workout sessions. I started feeling like me again!

I realize there are lots of women like me that can relate to a busy, stressed lifestyle. We as a society tend to put other things ahead of our health and fitness way too often. There’s always one more thing to do – an email to send, an errand to run – when it should be time to hit the gym.

Please visit our blog. We welcome your comments, and want to hear about your body and health transformations after joining a local gym. There’s no better time than now to take control of your health. Your body will thank you.

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